One Tower Bridge

Client: Berkeley Homes

Architect: Squire and Partners

Interior Designer: Conran and Partners, United, Darling Associates

Ceiling Contractor: Lucas Fit-out

Product: Bespoke, Mesh Hook-on Metal Ceiling Tile System

Product detail: Rectangular, parallelogram and rhombus shaped tiles with ref:2091 Expanded Metal Mesh. Finished with RAL 9006 Metallic Silver.

About the project

One Tower Bridge is a development from Berkeley Homes which is being built next to one of the world’s most famous river crossings. This 5-star luxury living space boasts iconic panoramic views across the heart of London. The landmark building will be a complex of homes and businesses including; restaurants, cafés, arts spaces, shops and offices. Berkley hope that when the scheme is complete, it will extend the South Bank’s cultural draw all the way to Tower Bridge. It’s been mentioned that it’s an unusual project due to the variety of homes and businesses moving in and the grand scale of the development. It’s particularly rare in Central London to see a large number of new homes being built so close to a major landmark.

The scope

Burgess CEP was chosen to manufacture and supply a metal ceiling solution for 6 key areas within the underground car parks which included car stackers, lobby’s and ramps. The vision of the interior architect was simple, they wanted these areas to exhume style, uniqueness and robustness. These spaces not only had to look good but they had to meet stringent building regulations. After detailed consultations with key members of the project team, Burgess CEP set out to design a 5-star worthy, bespoke metal ceiling system.

The solution

To achieve the architect’s vision a bespoke hook-on expanded metal ceiling tile was chosen. Usually for this type of project a. perforated sheet ceiling tile would be used, but Burgess CEP chose a different base material, expanded metal (ref 2091). This base material was chosen due to its industrial look, just the right finish that the designer wanted.

Burgess CEP designed and manufactured the tiles into three different shapes; a rhombus, a square and a parallelogram in their UK factory. The fabricated tiles were then sent through its in-house state of the art painting machine to apply the final touch, a non-standard RAL 9006 Metallic Silver paint finish.

The tiles have also been manufactured to allow for the integration of various light fittings and fixtures. Strict tolerances needed to be adhered to enabling light to fall exactly where the designer had envisioned; another unique element which has helped bring the artists impression to life.
The result… a stunning bespoke metal ceiling system which fully met the architects and clients vision.

The delivery

Working closely with a well-respected ceiling contractor, Lucas Fit-out, Burgess CEP is manufacturing and delivering the required metal ceiling tiles on a weekly basis. On time and as needed.

This is an ongoing project with an expected completion date of January 2015.