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Prints, shapes and colours PLUS acoustics

The ever-popular, high performing Sequence range of acoustic panels and rafts, just got even better.

Which one will you choose for your next project?

Key features:

  • Add shapes, colour and texture to any environment
  • Functional with eye catching and creative aesthetics
  • Frameless acoustic ceiling rafts
  • Prevents echo and reverberation
  • Enhances speech intelligibility
  • Absorbs sound and achieves the optimum level of acoustic comfort

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Key features :

  • Available in over 45 colours
  • Choose from 8 core shapes
  • 8 different themes
  • Mix and match shapes and colours to create unique designs
  • Class B acoustic wall panels, reducing echo and reverberation
  • Slimline panel for a sleek wall finish

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Key features Sequence Prints:

  • Available in wall panels & ceiling rafts
  • Print photographs, artwork or designs
  • High performing acoustic panels
  • Reduces sound and reverberation
  • Class A and C acoustic absorption options available
  • Squares or rectangle shapes in many sizes

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