Sequence Acoustic Baffles

Stunning visual options with vertical panels

The Sequence Acoustic Baffles range offers stunning visual options with individually suspended vertical panels up to 2400mm. These offer outstanding acoustic absorption, yet enable air to circulate around them.

Panels can be hung in rows or patterns to create a range of aesthetics. The reinforced mineral wool core and factory finished face and edges produce a strong, durable product that requires very little maintenance.

Key features of Sequence Acoustic Baffles:

  • Clean un-perforated surface finish
  • Excellent acoustic absorption
  • Reinforced, factory finished edges
  • Simple suspension system
  • Durable mineral wool core
  • Lightweight, easy to handle panels
  • Good humidity resistance

Key features

  • Sound absorption

    Class A in accordance with EN ISO 11654 ∂w: 0.60 in accordance with EN ISO 11654. Noise Reduction Coeffi cient (NRC): 0.55 in accordance with ASTM C 423-01.
  • Fire performance

    Euroclass A2-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1.
  • Humidity resistance

    Suitable in conditions up to 100% relative humidity at 30°C.
  • Product weight

    These tiles weigh approximately 5kg per m².
  • Tile loading

    These tiles are not designed to support the weight of any services. Please contact us for grid loading data.
  • Cleaning and hygiene

    These tiles can be easily cleaned. Contact us for cleaning guidelines.
  • Accessibility

    These tiles are individually suspended and demountable.

Product in action