Exposed Grid

Exposed grid, suspended metal ceilings provide a simple and structured modular system with visible grid lines. The ease of installation of these interlocking grid systems, manufactured with accuracy and durability make then an economic solution to many ceiling requirements.

The system creates a modular arrangement with the tiles laying into the chosen grid, access to services is gained by simply lifting the tiles into the void space. A number of acoustic requirements can be met with the introduction of an acoustic inlay in the back of a perforated tile.

Advantages of an exposed grid:

  • Clean, modular ceiling appearance
  • Access to services simply by lifting tiles into the void space
  • Excellent acoustics with the introduction of inlays
  • Stability of interlocking exposed grid
  • Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating.
  • Most popular sizes available from stock.
  • Lights and grilles easily integrated
  • Economic solution
  • Suitable applications for most sectors, including; Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Healthcare