Complete design freedom

Metal Flair is our most flexible range of metal ceiling tiles. Using our 50 years of experience and technical know-how, we can create bespoke designs to suit the most demanding architectural project.

Advantages of using Metalflair

  • Fully bespoke, any size or shape
  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Meet the most demanding design requirements
  • Delivers high performance
  • Ideal for many sectors

Design concepts

Architectural design concepts can be transformed into quality engineered ceiling solutions. Burgess CEP has completed many prestigious projects world wide and succeeded in providing innovative solutions to the most demanding design requirements specifiers may have whilst delivering the performance and aesthetic parameters required.

In many metal ceiling applications there are interface and penetration requirements for a multitude of services. Bulkheads, Perimeter Trims and Blind Boxes can be manufactured to suit any application and are available in a variety of finishes and substrate materials.

Product types available:

  • Bulkheads / Blind Boxes
  • Beam Casings
  • Blind Boxes
  • Column Rings
  • Grilles
  • Vertical Acoustic Baffals
  • Wall Cladding
  • Atria

Key features

  • Acoustics

    Sound absorption NRC of 0.95 achieved with standard insulation (Class A absorber). Sound attenuation of 26 Dncw - 42 Dncw, dependent on the acoustic infill used.
  • Fire performance

    Euroclass A2-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1, with a 1 hour fire protection, to bs476 part 8. Also achieves class 0 for surface spread of flame.* *This is affected when you use another finish, or perforated tile with a fleece.
  • Humidity resistance

    Suitable in conditions up to 95% relative humidity at 25°C.
  • System weight

    The Metalflair system weighs approximately 9kg per m².
  • Tile Loading

    To discuss load bearing ability please contact the technical team.
  • Cleaning and hygiene

    Metalflair tiles can be easily cleaned and if you have a Biocote finish they will be anti-bacterial.
  • 100% Recycable

  • Bespoke

    These tiles can be any shape or size.

Product in action