Fire Performance


Within this important British Standard, fire resistance is defined as the level of protection given to structural steel beams by the suspended ceiling below.

In accordance with the above British Standard, a Burgess CEP ceiling fitted with mineral wool insulation pads was constructed within a concrete and steel framed furnace. Heat was applied from below up to a temperature of 1000ºC and the temperature of the steel beams recorded by thermocouples until the temperature reached 400ºC. The time taken to reach this temperature defines the level of fire resistance achieved by the ceiling.

In a test carried out at the Fire Research Station the Burgess CEP Clip-in metal ceiling system achieved a 1 hour fire rating in accordance with this standard.

Test Certificate FROSI No.6487.


The normal fire resistance rating applies to protection of steel beams behind the ceiling.

There is also a requirement for some ceiling systems, particularly escape corridors, to provide a half hour fire rating from within the void itself.

To achieve this, additional insulation material is required above the spring tee bar to protect the grid from the effects of a fire within the void. We would advise that an independent fire officer be consulted where this requirement is specified for the ceiling system.


This Standard test measures the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a product when a pilot flame is applied to one end of the sample.

The classifications for flame spread range from Class One (being the highest) to Class Four (being the lowest). To comply with Class One the extent of the flame spread is limited to a maximum distance of 165mm from the heat source.
Burgess CEP ceiling tiles have achieved a Class One rating when tested in accordance with this standard at Warrington Fire Research Centre.

Burgess CEP conducted their Surface Spread of Flame testing with insulation fitted into the back of the tile.


This Standard test measures the heat released from a product so that an assessment of its possible performance in a real fire situation can be made.

Burgess CEP ceiling tiles have been tested at Warrington Fire Research Centre and achieved a Fire Propagation Index, I = 1.2

Building Regulations

In accordance with paragraph A12(b) of Approved Document B ‘Fire Safety’ to the Building Regulations 1991, products are designated a further fire performance classification relative to their performance against BS476 Parts 6 & 7. Products meeting the requirements of Class 1 to Part 7 and having a Fire Propagation Index (I) of not more than 12, and (Ii) of not more than 6 are designated Class O.

Burgess CEP ceiling tiles comply with the requirements for Class O.


Reaction to fire performance BSEN 13501-1

The Burgess CEP Clip-in and Tegular systems are classified A2 – s1, d0 in accordance with the reaction to fire performance BSEN 13501-1



Burgess CEP offer Clip-in Tile systems for use in both Marine and Offshore installations.

Clip-in 600 x 600mm Stainless Steel tiles are available for use in aggressive/high humidity areas such as galleys, together with painted tiles for other areas.


Marine Fire resistance tests for the latest International marine applications have also been completed to IMO A.754(18) / A-30 / B-15 ceiling standard. This is a very stringent test to ensure the metal deck above the suspended ceiling membrane is sufficiently protected to ensure the deck remains integral and in service for a period of time in the event of a fire. The tests are divided into two categories namely A and B.

Category A certification requires that the suspended ceiling remains integral and that decking temperature above the suspended ceiling does not exceed 180ºC.

Category B certification requires that the suspended ceiling remains integral and that the temperature of the decking above does not exceed 225ºC.

These tests are more demanding than their equivalent BS476 requirements, which reflects the importance of the ceiling membrane in the protection of metal decking above the ceiling in marine applications.

Burgess CEP Clip-In ceilings have achieved A-30, B-15 ratings in accordance with the requirements of this standard.