Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance

Ceiling systems, whilst satisfying aesthetic requirements, often need to fulfil acoustic performance criteria. Burgess CEP offer a range of solutions to meet such demands across a wide range of acoustic environments.

In confined office locations, sound attenuation can be the main concern in regard to both comfort and privacy. Extensive acoustic testing, carried out by us over recent years has created a portfolio of high performance products which can provide today’s designer with individual solutions to sound absorption and room to room privacy requirements.

Traditional solutions that combine the ability to control both attenuation and absorption are notoriously difficult and expensive. A recent acoustic innovation: developed by us offers: in combination with specific perforation patterns, an SRA Acoustic Insert to provide high levels of room to room privacy combined with appropriate levels of sound absorption – thus dealing with both major acoustic problems with one product.

The SRA Acoustic Insert can be applied to most of our metal ceiling systems and fully accredited test results are available upon request.

An extended selection of test results is included within this Guide to assist with the selection of the most appropriate acoustic solution.

Sound Absorption

SoundAb_AcousticPerformance_diagramTest results for random incidence sound absorption of ceiling tiles over a void in accordance with BS EN 20354:1993. Test carried out over the 1/3rd octave band frequency range 100Hz to 500Hz

Sound Attenuation

SoundAtt_AcousticPerformance_diagramTest results for room to room normalised level differences of ceiling systems in accordance with BS EN 20140-9:1994. Test carried out over the 1/3rd octave band frequency range 100Hz to 3150Hz