Access Flooring

  • Solid feel underfoot

    Unique design for added strength and durability

Three-dimensional ceilings

Burgess CEP are now the sole manufacturer of Eurodek® Fortress Raised Access Floor Panels. Eurodek® manufacture and install all types of raised floor systems for Offices, Control Rooms, and Computer Rooms.

Eurodek® also undertake highly specialised work in clean rooms and scanning rooms for hospitals.

The Eurodek® Fortress range consists of gravity loose lay panels, encapsulated in corrosion resistant galvanised steel, with a high density chipboard core, ideally suited to a wide range of applications, where strength and long life are the primary concerns.


  • Call Centres
  • Control Rooms
  • Office Areas
  • Data Centres
  • Education & Healthcare Applications
  • Public Buildings
  • Retail

All panels in the Fortress range have a unique lid to tray locking system, further strengthened by the mechanical stitching. This is a unique feature that has been designed to give the panels exceptional strength and integrity.
The panels have a galvanised steel bottom tray with a 4mm out turned profile. The steel lid is then rolled around the lower profile creating a locked, double layer of steel. This is then mechanically stitched delivering optimum strength and integrity from the panel.
Eurodek® Fortress Lock screwdown panels are also available providing extra security where required and greater integrity for high voids.

Performance Advantages

  • Tested and certified to BSEN 12825 class 5A3, 3A3 and 2A3
  • Tested and certified to PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU – medium grade
  • Unique design for added strength and durability
  • Solid feel underfoot
  • Corrosion resistant for long life
  • Fortress Lock version for security or additional rigidity at high voids
  • Supplied bare to accept any loose lay floor covering

Performance & Technical Specification







Point Load

UniformlyDistributed Load

BSEN 12825:

Fire Rating


600 x 600mm



High Density Chipboard

Corrosion Resistant Galvanised Steel

PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU – Medium Grade

3 kN (25mm2)

8 kN/m2

5A3 Class 5 Working Load 3.3 kN Safety Factor 3

Class 0

Complies with IEE Regulations (16th Edition)

Rolling load test carried out in accordance with EPR K90 pecification, clause 2121X-Fortress PSA (Fortress 5A3), Passed.dity at high voids supplied bare to accept any loose lay floor covering.

Product in action