Plain Wipedown

Multi-purpose, tough and economical

Based on specially developed reinforced gypsum plasterboard Plain Wipedown is suitable for use in most locations requiring a smooth, economical ceiling finish. A specially developed plasterboard core provides excellent handling characteristics and the products are especially suited to areas requiring more regular access. Their high light reflectance is of particular value in retail situations.

Key features of Plain Wipedown ceiling tiles:

  • Economical
  • Good light reflectance
  • Tough, reinforced gypsum core
  • Can support fittings up to 2 kilos without additional support
  • Bright white finish
  • High impact resistance
  • Easily cleaned, wipe-able finish

Key features

  • Sound absorption

    38db Dnc,w in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-1.
  • Humidity resistance

    Suitable in conditions up to 95% relative humidity at 25°C.
  • Product weight

    These tiles weigh approximately 6kg per m².
  • Tile loading

    These tiles are capable of supporting up to 1kg loads. Please contact us for for more information.
  • Cleaning and hygiene

    These tiles can be easily cleaned. Contact us for cleaning guidelines.
  • Accessibility

    These tiles are easily demounted.
  • Environmental

    These tiles are capable of being recycled, please contact us for full details.

Product in action